Sundays Are Busy Days

Peter —  April 27, 2008

Just a quick update. It’s 4pm and I’ve just got back from Sun Valley church. We’re staying with a great family here and enjoying their hospitality and new friendships. They have seven children, by the way. We’re joined by Junia (eldest of 12 who was with us last spring) – she’ll be spending the night here which will be great. So I had three sessions today. A report about our ministry, then the preaching session, then a session with the youth where we had the great missions debate – each team got points for each reason why someone in the room should go on a missions trip (summer or longer term). We had to end the game after 49 points had been scored. Not bad for starters! Now I have an hour before I (or we, not sure which Meads are going yet) head out to another church for the evening service. I just need to tweak the powerpoint for that and get my thoughts together for the briefer pre-breaking of bread sharing I will be doing. A day of rest. Actually, Sundays are busy days!