Summer Sun!

Peter —  June 28, 2019

Today the sun is blazing here in Chippenham, which may be short-lived, but is much appreciated.  It has been a while since we posted as we were away for several weeks after Easter on a family holiday/vacation.  Melanie has the pictures lined up and will post soon with some highlights for you to enjoy.

Since we got back from our road trip there has been a lot going on.  Here are some highlights:

European Leadership Forum – I was in Poland for a week at the end of May.  I spoke multiple times and both networks of Bible teachers and preachers went really well.  It was a full week, but a really good one.  Next year I have a different teaching responsibilty at the ELF, so I have already started working on that.  Right after returning it was time for:

Trinity Chippenham Church Weekend Away – We had a beautiful weekend away as a church, filling our venue and enjoying great fellowship together. The theme of heaven really stirred all our hearts and we are thankful for how God worked in us during those days.

Mark Drama – This past weekend we had the Mark Drama (we did this before in 2015 and 2016).  It felt like a real spiritual battle in the lead up with lots of challenges, but in the end we were blessed to see lots of guests present at both performances this past weekend.  Everyone involved was drained but thankful for the privilege of experiencing the whole Gospel of Mark in dramatic form.  Hannah and Aliyah enjoyed being James, and Andrew, I got to be Pharisee and chief antagonist again.  Even in a “negative” role it is still amazing to watch Jesus in action responding to both the proud and the needy.

Salvation Army – Earlier this week I was teaching a preaching course for the Salvation Army. This is the fourth time I have done this course and it was a joy to spend time with ministers I would normally have no connection with.  It is a joy to get around God’s Word with God’s people!

Thank you for praying for us as we head into July.

Ben, Aliyah, David, Hannah … the four disciples John, Andrew, Peter & James!