Standing Tall and Proud

Peter —  December 11, 2008

The girls woke up with joy in their hearts to see snow again this morning.  It was just enough to make things white, but I looked out of the back door a while ago and saw a snowman standing tall and proud.  Well, 8 inches tall and proud!  Joel did not enjoy being out in the cold, but was much happier wandering the house with a baking tray and whisk in hand – “cooking!” – his favorite pastime these days.  We hope the bug is gone, although Hannah may have something lingering.  A few more clear nights will confirm.  This weekend I have a Biblical Preaching Seminar in Guildford on Saturday morning, then speaking at Oakhall on Sunday morning.  Please pray for these two occasions for ministry.  I will also be launching a new initiative at Oakhall on Sunday – I’m excited about it, please pray for it to capture the imagination of the church.  I’ll tell you more after Sunday.

Next week I am taking the week off.  After a hectic 2 months I think it is a wise move, especially for Melanie’s sake.  The only thing in the schedule is on Tuesday, when I have a meeting with a key individual.  Please pray for that meeting as it could be very strategic in terms of future ministry opportunities.  So there you have it, an update from the Meads!