Safely Here

Peter —  April 29, 2010

Just to let you know that the travel went really well yesterday.  We left home at 8:30, wandered through Heathrow Airport without delays, flew for 8.5 hours with the children handling things extremely well.  As we were sitting at the gate Joel kept looking out of the window and asking me, “Are we flying yet?”  He grabbed my hand and said gently, “I’m scared, a little.”  Very cute.  He doesn’t remember flying before, so this felt like a first for him.  After sitting at the gate for what felt like ages the plane starting pulling back from the gate.  “Are we tilting?”  I asked where he heard the word “tilting” and he replied, “I made it up.”  Anyway, he fell asleep before the drinks came round, so I had to wake him for lunch (and therefore he didn’t sleep again).  Ah well, we made it to Chicago where Aunt Carol was waiting for us.  We arrived at around 5pm, although it did feel a lot like 1am (UK time).  The children are delighted to be here, of course, and we’re looking forward to the next few weeks too.  Now the only problem is keeping them all quiet at 5:30 in the morning!