Review of the week

Peter —  November 16, 2009

So I arrived home late last night.  It’s good to be back.  The first half of the week was calm, the second half more manic.  Thursday evening’s meeting in Lancaster went really well.  Probably about 120 present, along with twelve missions organisations.  Hopefully there’ll be fruit from that meeting in terms of people getting involved in missions short-term and long-term.  Also, with a group of students like that, hopefully there’ll be some who commit to giving significant amounts for world missions in the future (ie once they have high-paying jobs).  It’s always a challenge to get people to consider living on less than they earn, rather than on 110% of what they earn!

I drove back to Tilsley College and was in bed by 2am Friday.  I had a couple of hours left there before driving to Edinburgh airport where I caught my flight to Frankfurt, then on by train to Mosbach.  I arrived half an hour before the first meeting there.  The weekend was great.  Great to see old friends.  Great to make new friends.  Great to sense that many were blessed by the time spent in fellowship with each other and in God’s Word.  I left at 3pm yesterday and made the journey home by train, plane and automobile.  I was too tired to read profitably, so I decided to feast on other people’s preaching instead.  After a week of giving it was a blessing to receive.  Almost seven hours of messages from a varied group of communicators – Haddon Robinson, Ken Davis, Ravi Zacharias, Ron Frost, Stan Toussaint, Dwight Pentecost, Ronald Allen, Stephen Kim and a whole series from Andy Stanley.  A real mixed bag, but a delightful way to spend a journey (although I had to rewind a couple of times when my eyes shut posture became a sleeping posture!)

Thanks so much for praying for us.  Now we are home for a few days before we go away for the weekend . . . together.