Reunion Weekend

Melanie —  March 14, 2013

We would appreciate prayer for this coming weekend.  We are expecting a wonderful time with former Cor Deo participants (from the full-time programme from the past two years) plus the current team members and their families.  Please pray for safe travels for everyone, encouraging times of fellowship and building one another up in Christ.  It will be really special to see these people who are really in our hearts.  Peter is preaching on Sunday so he is trying to prepare for that, plus finish his notes for the European Leadership Forum (which will take place in May but the notes deadline is now!).  Please pray for strength for him and focus and that he would be able to preach and encourage others this weekend out of a heart full with the love of Christ.  The children and I have had a cold/flu virus and I am still feeling pretty wiped out so pray for stamina for me as we host people in our home this weekend and seek to serve and bless our friends.

Family Funny for you:  Yesterday was a pretty stressful day for me as the kids were extremely goofy (during school time!!) and also whining and being emotional (at other times!).  At one particularly tense moment, Joel said, “Well, if I was the Mom, I’d desert this place!”  Thankfully, it made me laugh and laughter is always a good antidote to frustration. 🙂

I still have not posted photos from Hannah’s birthday since, due to Peter and then me being ill, we have had to postpone her birthday outing twice!  We hope, Lord willing, to go out with her on Monday and then I’ll post photos.