Practical Prayer Request

Melanie —  September 30, 2013

We arrived safely in NE Italy on Friday and are enjoying our break here.  However, we have a prayer request, please.

Our van has developed a clutch problem and this puts us in a complicated and slightly precarious situation.  Peter took it into the local mechanic this morning and has since spoken to our local Vauxhall mechanic back home for a second opinion and advice.  Basically there are two parts that could be at fault.  Option A requires a part to be shipped from Germany and can be done on Friday (we are getting this done, even though we don’t know if it is the culprit).  Option B requires multiple hours of work to get inside the gearbox which will then allow them to determine the part, order it from Germany and replace it.  This isn’t possible during our week here.

So, we are getting option A done on Friday and praying that that takes care of the issue.  Here’s the downside: if the problem isn’t fixed, it will only get worse.  This means that eventually the clutch will fail and we won’t be able to change gear.  As you can imagine, we are not excited about that happening while driving at 81mph through Italy or France!

Please pray that the Friday fix will solve the problem.  Please pray that if it does’t, that we will be able to make it to our friends in NW Italy on Saturday, and then, ideally, make it back to England safely the following week.