Politician-ing the environment

Melanie —  January 20, 2010

Here is a “funny” from this afternoon:

We were discussing environments in science today.  Hannah piped up, “You shouldn’t politician the environment.”  I smiled and explained that a politician is someone who works in government and the word she wanted was “pollute” which means to make something dirty or mess it up.  “Well,” she said, “Sometimes politicians make things dirty.”  I laughed and had to agree that she was right.

(It was easy for me to agree as I have been following the progress of the bill that is set to change homeschooling regulations in this country.  The bill has been rushed through, used mounds of faulty evidence and the “polluters” have completely ignored the will of the people on this matter.  Then there is the sex education clause of the bill  and the “Equality” bill currently in the House of Lords . . . I could go on, but I will spare you  . . . Yes, I would say that certain politicians are definitely messing things up!)  If you are in the USA or elsewhere, spend a moment today to intercede for the UK – that our leaders will make wise and godly decisions and that evil plans will be thwarted.