Poland Trip and Early Summer Fun

Melanie —  May 30, 2015

We had a fun family BBQ on Thursday night . . . the first of the summer season.  It was a little cold and windy but our kids insisted on eating outside and I’m glad we did!  Aliyah made yummy burgers and we even had watermelon.  Hopefully the first of many BBQs to come this summer.  We had planned a family night as it was Peter’s last night before going away to Poland for a week.  He is teaching at a conference called the European Leadership Forum – a gathering of 800 leaders from all over Europe.  He will be teaching (training preachers) at least 16 times this week so please pray for him to stay healthy and energised and mostly to be close to our Father as he gives of himself.  This time at ELF is something he prepares for all year and we consider it very strategic ministry – a chance to influence people who will then in turn influence many others, so please pray for much fruit!

As a family, we have been busy with schooling (only a few weeks til we finish!), church life and life always feels  full.  The older girls and Peter are preparing to be in a drama that depicts the gospel of Mark on June 13th and 14th.  The younger kids especially love playing outside with their neighbourhood friends, playing sports and roller blading. Kaylah keeps us smiling with her very sweet ways.  We are finding out she has quite an imagination.  Last night she was telling me a long story (very seriously) about a shark who had a camera in his cave and he used it to take a picture of a little girl who was scuba diving.  (He was a nice shark, she said!)  She loves her siblings and they are sweet to include her most of the time in what they are doing.  My pregnancy is going well and we are all very thankful for the gift of this little life.

Not to paint a perfect picture of family and ministry life though (!) . . . we have our share of sibling squabbles, character issues to be worked on and challenges in church life that put pressure on us.  It’s easy to get our eyes off our Saviour and onto circumstances.  We definitely ask for your prayers for wisdom and perseverance.  I am thankful we have a High Priest who can sympathise with our weaknesses and that we can come to Him boldly and find the mercy and grace we need for each moment.

Here are some more recent pictures for you:

Olivia, who stayed with us for two months earlier this year, came back to visit for a few days with her mum. Here we are with her at a nearby village.

All the Meadlings in a phone booth!

Another BBQ photo - watermelon, one of our family's favourites!

Another BBQ photo – watermelon, one of our family’s favourites!

Roasting marshmallows!

Inspired by a Henry and Mudge book, Mariah made a pineapple sofa and some fruit people (after I took the photo, she made more people to represent each member of our family!)

Mariah at the rhododendron gardens.


Thanks for praying for us!  We look forward to seeing many of you when we come to the USA in about 6 weeks.