Melanie —  January 25, 2010

We are enjoying having Peter back . . . I am so blessed with a truly wonderful husband.  This morning he has given me a morning “off” to relax and catch up on some things while he does schooling with the children.  I have spent quite a bit of time writing some book reviews for our bookshelf (watch for them to appear soon), reading some very good blogs and now am putting these photos on the web.  This afternoon, I am going to have a Bible study with my friend Priscilla – I have been very blessed and encouraged by our weekly times together.  We have just finished studying James and now we are starting 1 Peter.  God’s word is truly our life and breath and I long to know it and feast on it more.  Tonight I get to go and meet with the ladies from our homeschool club for some fellowship.  I guess today I am being thoroughly spoiled with time “off.”  This week is looking very busy so hopefully it will recharge the batteries for the busy days to come.  Here are the photos:


Our giant snowman built during the snowy days of January (they have now passed and been replaced by the rainy days of January!)


Peter wanted me to take a side-view photo so you could see the snowman’s parsnip nose! 🙂  He also had prunes for eyes, smile and buttons, and red peppers for ears! Of course, he had to wear Daddy’s Man U scarf.


They also built a big snowfort, from which to launch their snowball weapons. (They were playing the English vs. the Saxons so yes, it was an educational activity!)


Check out this icicle!  It was nearly as tall as Joel!  Peter broke it off through one of the upstairs windows so it wouldn’t fall and pierce our lawnmower shed.


Little Bunny Foo-Foo?


Guess who my hero is? Yup, it’s Daddy!


P.C. Mead locking the criminals in prison (er, the playroom . . . not unlike many current prisons? just kidding!)