Overdue Update

Peter —  February 15, 2010

The days keep ticking by and we are long overdue for an update.  These have been busy and often draining days.  It’s birthday season, so we took Hannah, Aliyah and four of their friends to the Science Museum on Friday, which went really well – what a blessing to look after six children who behave well, are polite, etc.  Saturday evening it was Mariah’s turn for cake and presents with a couple of her friends from church who are moving away in a few weeks – again a good time for all and these friends will be missed.  Saturday morning I spoke at a Partnership event on Encouraging New Leaders in the Local Church.  The goal was to spark some thought about the priority and strategies for promoting younger leadership within the church, as well as getting folks together to connect and fellowship.  It was a group from several churches, some coming significant distances, and hopefully it was a worthwhile time for all involved.

This week is fairly full.  I leave on Thursday for Portland.  Hannah and Aliyah head to Bristol the same day for a few days with my parents, leaving the younger two with Melanie for a few days of special time.  Before then there is plenty to do with preparation for Wednesday evening Bible study and the weekend of ministry.  We’d really value your prayers at the moment – so much is going on and we really want to handle every situation well.  Thanks.