On the Road Again

Melanie —  August 12, 2009

I know more than a few people have asked me for an explanation of when and where we are going in the next few weeks!  It is a bit confusing so I’ll explain.  (Also see our schedule.)  All 6 of us will be leaving on Friday to drive down to a conference in the Alps in France. This is a conference for Christian workers in Europe so there will be missionaries from all over Europe, including a few very good friends of ours.  There are activities for the children and the conference grounds are very nice.  Our girls are extremely excited about the swimming they hope to do in the pool there.  I am looking forward to time with friends and enjoying God’s beautiful creation.  It will be mostly a holiday for us but Peter will also be coordinating the afternoon seminars and teaching a few himself.  We will return on Saturday the 22nd.  Then both Peter and I leave on Tuesday, the 25th, but we are going to different places.  He is going to Holland to speak at the OM new recruits conference until the Saturday.  I am going to see my sister Amy and her husband, my new baby niece, Claire and little nephew, Matthew.  I am very excited, of course!  Our 4 precious little people will be under the care of Grandma and Grandpa Mead who are coming to stay here with them.  They will also get to spend some time with various friends that week who have offered to relieve Mum and Dad.  Then of course, Peter will be back to get some concentrated Daddy time until I get back on 6th of September.  Whew!  I guess it will be a busy few weeks.  Peter will also be leaving on 9th of September for 6 days in Romania.  So, what are our prayer requests . . . for special times as a family, safety on the road (we’ll be doing many miles in Europe), and good health for all, especially for strength and no headaches for me.  These last few weeks have actually been better for me so thank you to everyone who has prayed.  I have felt more energetic than I have in a long time and have had less headaches.  When I have had them, they have been less severe than normal so I think the medication I am on is working.  Honestly, I am a bit fearful that the travelling will launch me back into feeling bad again.  I really would like to be functioning well, especially when I am in Oregon with Amy, so I can really be a help and a blessing and not spending the whole time in bed.  I am trusting God for His plans to be worked out.  Now, it’s back to folding laundry and packing!