Morning in Hemet

Melanie —  April 17, 2008

Well, we crashed about 8 or 9 pm (kids earlier) last night and only had to get up once with Mariah who was crying about 9:45. Then we were awakened about 5:45 by Joel (I would’ve cried too, if I had a diaper like that on!). So, we all got up about 6:30 and all but Mom are now out for a walk with Carol (our hostess) and Lady the dog. We are staying in the desert (Hemet, CA) and it’s really beautiful here (Please note, this is not technically desert, although everyone from outside Hemet thinks it is desert here). Lots of colorful flowers, bunnies hopping around in the backyard, and brilliant sunshine. I think we had all nearly forgotten what the warm sun feels like, but it feels so wonderful!! This is our third time staying with Carol as a family (first time with 2 children, second time with 3 and now with four!). The girls love it here. Lots of space to run and play outside and a very sweet dog named Lady to take care of, take for walks, etc. What a blessing to be in a place where we can relax and get over jet lag in beautiful surroundings with a good friend. We plan to go out shopping for a few things today – sandals for the kids, cheap haircuts for all (gotta love the US prices!) and maybe a cheap mobile phone. Thanks for praying for the flight. God really blessed us with a mostly painless 11 hours (plus the hours on either end traveling to and from the airport!). It is exciting to be here and we feel eagerly expectant about what God will do during our 3 months here.