Messiah! – by Kaylah Mead

Melanie —  December 21, 2021

Miriam dashed home with her full basket.  It was market day and her mother was sick. Father had said that she should go to buy food for the family. Miriam got home around noon.  She met her brother, Eli, at the the door to their small hut.  “Eli, the market’s bursting with people! I’ve never seen Bethlehem so crowded!”

Eli nodded.  “I heard that Caesar Augustus issued a decree that a census should be taken of the entire Roman world!! Everyone is going to his own town to register.”

Miriam grinned.  “This is our town! Our family has been here for centuries!”

Later as Miriam got ready for bed, she looked out the window – the only window in the house. The stars twinkled as they always did, but there was one . . .  She climbed to the roof for a better look.  Miriam gasped! She ran to get her father. “I need to go to see that star, Father!” she said. “The light seems to be pointing down somewhere!”

Her father said, “Which star? What do you mean?”

“Come and see!” They went outside into the cold night.  Miriam said, “It’s beautiful, isn’t it?” Her father said, “Shall we go and see where it leads?” They set off quickly, eagerly following the star.  Miriam ran all the way, darting around each bend.  When she got to the edge of Bethlehem, her father said, “Look!” Among the dark houses ahead there was a small stable.  Light spilled out of it. It looked like the star was pointing right at it! They walked slowly toward the stable.  Just then a shepherd came out and said, “The Messiah has come!!!”

Miriam’s heart leapt! She crept toward the stable and looked back. Her father nodded.  Miriam passed through the door not sure what to think.  She saw a man and a woman by a manger.  In it, a baby lay sleeping peacefully. It was Him!  She knelt by the baby and whispered, “I’m so glad you’re here!”