Mead Family – Covid Update no. 2

Melanie —  August 8, 2021

Thank you so much everyone for praying for us.  We are so very grateful to you all.  First, the good news, Hannah made it safely to the USA and was able to spend one happy day with Noah yesterday before flying on to Oregon today. We are thanking God she had no issues with the travelling.  Please keep her in your prayers for her to be back to full strength soon.  She starts her 2 weeks of training today for her new resident assistant job on campus.  It was very hard to say goodbye and we all miss her very much. Second piece of good news is that all the Meadlings are recovered now from Covid and out of quarantine.  Pray for them to hold up well as they try to keep the home functioning for our family.

The not so good news is that I did end up getting Covid myself and have been feeling pretty rough. I’m now on day 6 – some symptoms are better but others not great.  Peter is on day 10 and still not improved much, if any.  We are both very exhausted.  Peter’s blood oxygen levels have been concerning at times, including tonight again, so I’m posting this to ask for some more prayer for him.  Please pray God to intervene and to bring a clear improvement in his symptoms.  Also I would appreciate prayer for his encouragement and for him to sense God’s presence with him.