May photos

Melanie —  June 21, 2011

I know June is coming to a close, but I had so many good photos from May that I decided to post them first.  We had a wonderful visit with my parents.

Here they are with their four grandchildren.

We had so much fun visiting Longleat Safari Park with my parents. We got really close to this camel.

Nursing mummy . . . I think it might be an ibex

We braved the enclosure of monkeys, who are notorious for destroying parts of people's cars. Sure enough, this one ripped off our tubing for the windshield fluid 🙂

Ostriches . . . I guess they really do keep their heads in the "sand"

Feeding the deer from the car seemed like a good idea, but it turned out to be a little . . . slimy! (Thus, says mum who did the feeding!)

King of beasts - right next to the car

Took this photo for my nephew Daniel, who is a meerkat fan. (It took me about 20 photos to get this one as they move REALLY fast.)

Joel, hanging out with Postman Pat

Hannah and Mariah with a snake - ooooh, she's brave!

Count them . . . one, two, three, four Meadlings in the adventure play area

While my parents were here, we all went to an OM retreat in Wales. Here's Mariah trying her hand at crazy golf with Daddy.

Back at home . . . Look at the big lettuce leaf we grew!

Here are our Easter bunnies, all huddled up in the nest (about 3 weeks old)

Hannah with one of the Easter bunnies, "Curiosity" (who is now a LOT bigger and a LOT fluffier)

Joel, with "Vanilla," who has now gone to live with a lovely couple from our church. She is a gorgeous bunny.

Hope you enjoyed those photos from May.  I will post some from June soon.  It has been a whirlwind few weeks . . . we will share more news soon.  This week we are finishing up schooling and preparing for Peter’s cousin’s wedding on Saturday.  Mariah and Joel are going to be flower girl and page boy (ring-bearer).  Should be a grand occasion!  Please pray for strength and peace for us as we continue to serve the people God has brought into our lives at this time.  Pray for Peter and I to be close to the Lord and each other so we have plenty to “give” to our children and others as well.