I’m Home

Peter —  October 23, 2010

I think it was 26 hours from door to door, with a 3.5 hour flight followed by a 13.5 hour flight.  That’s the longest flight I’ve ever been on.  Please pray for the lady I sat next to.  She was very chatty and during the last while the conversation was certainly verging on significant issues.  She was hurt by an experience in church when she was a teen and has never gone back – oh the power of sin in the church, even “small” sin!  A couple of times, I have to be honest, I prayed “Lord, I’m tired and can’t think straight, I don’t know how to get this around to something more helpful.”  Both times she immediately said something that opened the conversation right up.  She had been reading quite a bit on the flight, so I made a comment about her reading and she said she loves a certain kind of fiction.  Bizarrely enough, I had just finished such a book (but ideal for her because of its Christian content) and was able to give it to her.  You can ask Melanie how often I have fiction books with me when I travel (it rhymes with “almost jevver”).

Anyway, I drove home and am glad to be with Melanie and the little people.  Tomorrow I am preaching morning and evening at Ladyfield. Please pray for this to be a significant day for the church. Right now I need to go and pray with the older two before they go to sleep.