I Do

Peter —  June 11, 2011

Ok, these posts could get repetitive.  Sorry for not posting for a while, etc.  Anyway, it has been a bit of an insane couple of weeks.  Cor Deo is busy with evening class as well as the normal schedule.  Plus last weekend we had our first Delight by God conference in London at a nice little church called All Souls, Langham Place.  That was a good day and we hope to repeat it next year.  It was good to see lots of old friends there.

Yesterday we had the second Pillars training day in Bristol.  Can’t believe four months have passed since the last one.  It went really well and numbers have increased, which is nice.  Now to today.  Twelve years since we said “I do.”  That’s gone quickly!  Lived in seven homes, had four children, moved across the Atlantic twice, and gained a few grey hairs.  What a blessing to be in a family with such a great wife.  So today we will go out for a meal this evening.  Then tomorrow we are all heading out on a canal boat for the day to celebrate Melanie’s birthday.

Appreciate your prayers for this week.  As well as Cor Deo we have evening class on Wednesday, then on Thursday I have a day with a group of UCCF staff, followed by a three sermon weekend and then another day on a different subject the following Tuesday.  Once I get through the next ten days I think we will breathe a sigh of relief!