Hopefully Almost There?

Peter —  December 28, 2008

Well, Hannah and Aliyah were quite wiped out and under the weather on Christmas Day, but still we had an enjoyable day.  Joel came down with the same chesty cough and fever the next day.  I think we’re over the worst of it now, hopefully, and just have the last of the coughs and runny noses to clear.  Hopefully Mariah and us parents can avoid this extra sickness.  Even more importantly, hopefully the stomach bug is gone now.  We won’t count our chickens too soon, but hopefully we’re almost there.  Despite the interrupted nights and hindered schedule, it was actually a very good week.  Don’t tell the children, but we quite enjoyed a quiet Christmas!  We now have my parents and sister’s family here for a couple of days, then we will be back to normal life again.  As I type this Joel is sitting here on my desk chatting away and periodically putting his finger in my ear . . . not sure if he’s hoping to find anything in there!  Hope you’ve had a great Christmas . . . now it’s on to the New Year!