Home, But The Adventure Continues

Peter —  April 16, 2009

We left Germany at 9:30 yesterday morning and drove straight through to Calais.  We arrived just before 5pm and discovered the port was closed by French fishermen on strike.  Nice.  We sat in the car, walked around the car, wandered to the restrooms, met some neighboring travellers, watched a music DVD, unpacked and repacked the car to allow the girls to lean their seats back, watched them sleep as Joel squirmed on our laps in the front, etc., etc.  Eventually as we were settling in for the night, trying not to be annoyed at the French propensity to strike and then have no consequences, we finally got to board.  The ferry left at midnight.  We arrived home at 2:15am.

But the adventure continues.  Melanie has been up all night.  I’m thinking it is food poisoning from something she ate on the ferry.  Actually we ate the same thing, but at different times.  I’m hoping it is not a bug as we only have two days before I leave for Kyrgyzstan.  Please pray for Melanie to get over this quickly – she’s in real discomfort right now as her body continues to rebel against whatever is inside.  Please pray for the rest of us to stay well too!