Home and Away

Peter —  August 24, 2009

We arrived home on Saturday evening after a great week in France.  The journey home was far smoother than our journey there – not that going was too bad, it just took a long time.  Once we had arrived we had a great week.  The speaker was stimulating, the children’s sessions were popular with the young Meads, the food was excellent (and we didn’t have to cook it), the weather was hot (34c), the pool was great every afternoon, the friends from last year were good to see again, the friends from years ago were a blessing to see . . . it was a fantastic week away.  The only negative was that it simply went by too fast.  When Friday arrived and it was time to leave it felt like it should be Monday or Tuesday.

We were able to stay with friends from the conference on Friday evening, which made Saturday’s journey short.  We arrived home to find the house spotless thanks to our friend who had done some work around the house for us while we were away – what a difference it makes to come to a clean house!

Now we have just over twenty-four hours before Melanie and I leave again.  My parents are coming today to have some days with the children.  Then tomorrow I leave for Holland and Melanie leaves for Oregon.  She is very excited to see her sister and especially our new niece!  Meanwhile I need to get my thoughts together for four morning Bible studies, one key evening plenary session and a workshop for the new recruits in Holland.