Hannah’s Birthday

Melanie —  March 9, 2011

Hannah turned ten years old last week!  We can’t believe we’ve been her parents for a whole decade.  Here are some photos of her birthday festivities:

You can see one of her birthday surprises in this photo . . . she got her ears pierced which she had been waiting to do for a long time.

New bike!

Aunt Carol made a special photo book for Hannah about the first 10 years of her life.

The Meadlings with the birthday cake

Birthday dinner with Aunt Carol and Grandma and Grandpa Mead

Happy Birthday Hannah! We are so proud of the way she is growing and maturing and we can see God working in her life. We love her energy and enthusiasm for life and learning and praise God for putting her in our family.

A few days after her birthday, Aunt Carol and I took Hannah and Aliyah and 3 friends to Horse World in Bristol.  Here are a few photos:

Aunt Carol blessed Peter and I by letting us get away for a day and 2 nights.  She stayed with the children and we went to a friend’s holiday home on Exmoor (thank you to them for letting us!).  It was such a refreshing and relaxing time.  We try to take little breaks, just the two of us, every so often.  They are a bit of work to arrange and prepare for, but SO worth it.  While we were there, we went for a walk in a forest, near an old mine.  The scenery was beautiful.  This photo doesn’t do it justice at all, but maybe you can get an idea.  I thank God for my amazing husband.  I am so blessed to be walking through life with him.

Aunt Carol and I took the children to Bourton on the Water (little village in the Cottswalds) yesterday.  The weather was gorgeous and we managed to feed the ducks, have tea, visit the Model Village and Birdworld too.  It’s a really lovely place to visit.

Joel loved feeding the ducks (who were quite aggressive, actually!)

Mariah and Aunt Carol at the tea shop. Many people say they look alike.

Joel thoroughly enjoyed his tea cake and downed his hot chocolate!

Aliyah enjoyed her hot chocolate too.

The children at the Model Village.

And a last couple photos I couldn’t resist putting in from a couple weeks ago . . .

Our friend Hollie braided Mariah's hair like her new American Girl doll's hair. What a sweetie.

A little background to these next photos . . . Joel LOVES wearing his “diving suit” which is actually, get ready for this . . . a 6-9 mos. bathing suit which he insists on wearing constantly.  I think he would wear it 24/7 if I would let him.  Anyway, he was desperately in need of a haircut a couple weeks ago and the girls thought it would be funny to spike his hair up.  We asked him to pose for a photo . . .

Take 1

Take 2

Finally . . . it's all too much for a little boy with pent up laughter and energy! What a bundle of joy he is!

Thanks for looking at these many photos.  I had such a hard time narrowing them down so ended up with a big pile!  Life has been very busy but good.  I am sleeping very well generally and thoroughly enjoying my role as a wife and mum.  I think I must be the most blessed woman in the world. 🙂