GO Conference

Melanie —  August 23, 2008

We are here at the OM GO Conference now – a “sending out” for all those joining OM this year.  There are people here from all over the world and they are heading out to all corners of the world.  Very exciting!!  We arrived at lunchtime after driving about 11 hrs.  yesterday (mostly in the rain) and 3.5 hrs. today.  The un-fun and un-glamourous part of missionary work!  We discovered when we got here that we have a flat tire so praise the Lord that we made it safely over all the rainy roads.  We’ve spent this afternoon settling in and the kids have all slept (they are pretty exhausted after the last conference!).  Peter has just led a workshop on Bible study and tomorrow morning will speak to the whole group (250 new recruits plus others) on “The Uniqueness of Christ.”  This is such an important subject – please pray for the Holy Spirit to apply these truths to people’s hearts.  I also start work in the nursery/creche tomorrow so pray for God’s love to flow through me to the littlest people at the conference.  We desire to be used in any way God would want to use us so please pray for divine appointments.  We will try to post some pictures soon.