Full Flow

Peter —  September 10, 2013

We would really value your prayers at the moment as we are really in full flow.  The children are fully loaded up with schoolwork, we have a guest staying with us, Peter is co-leading a Cor Deo Intensive and also preaching twice each Sunday.

Actually we are very encouraged by the ministry side of things.  Last week I preached in Bristol and then we had a small group gathered for a two-day Cor Deo Invitational looking at sin and grace.  Then on Sunday I preached twice at church locally and that seemed to go well.  This week we have another full house for the Cor Deo Intensive, which is always a blessing to be part of.  Tonight we have housegroup as we say goodbye to three good friends who are heading off to university.  This Sunday I will again be preaching twice at church.

There are seasons of being busy and seasons of being less busy.  There are also seasons where we sense spiritual attack more than others (this can be in both busy or quieter seasons).  We feel the pressure of attack at the moment and so would covet your prayer support that we might keep our eyes on Jesus, stand firm and do the right thing with the utmost grace and humility.  Thanks for praying!