Flights Almost Booked

Peter —  January 10, 2008

Here’s a frustrating thing.  Perhaps you’d pray about it with us.  We contacted several missions travel agents to see if we could get a better deal than booking our flights online.  In the past it has been fruitless, but this time we found an excellent price.  By excellent I mean almost 40% less than we could find for ourselves.  So we emailed back to ask for flight times, got a response, then emailed back to book the flights.  With the hassle of different time zones, etc., a day passed and we missed out.  Those prices are no longer available.  We can pay the higher amount (and it is still better than we expected), but we were so close to the lower amount, and it would be great stewardship to be able to save 40%.  So we’re praying for another offer from an airline that brings the prices down again.  Practical prayer requests – all part of the adventure.