Peter —  June 30, 2010

After quite a lot of work behind the scenes, the new look Cor Deo site is now live.  If you haven’t visited for a while, please take a look.  Actually, if you haven’t visited for two days, it is worth taking a look!  As well as the facelift, the site now has news updates integrated with the new Cor Deo blog which will start in earnest next week.  We’ll be using the site for a weekly conversation on subjects like Bible, theology, spirituality, pastoral ministry, missions, church history, preaching, the Trinity, prayer, etc.  We would love it if you followed the site and got involved in the conversation now and then.

You can follow the site (i.e. know when posts appear) via the rss feed on the site, or via facebook.com/cordeo, or twitter.com/cordeoblog, or on NetworkedBlogs if you have that app, etc.  You could even do the old fashioned thing and simply remember to visit the site regularly!  Ron and I will alternate who starts the conversation.

If you click here you will go straight to the new blog.