Cows, Kangaroos and Campfires

Melanie —  January 25, 2008

Peter is on his way home from Leicester. He should arrive about 1am. I am not good at going to bed without him. So here I am bleary eyed at the computer. Here is a “family funny” for you.

The last few days have been sunny here. Although it’s been cold, the kids have gone out in the garden to play a bit. Yesterday I was pushing Mariah and Joel on the swings and Mariah noticed an airplane in the sky. She pointed it out and then started jabbering away. I wasn’t paying close attention but I soon realized she was saying something funny so I started asking her questions. She told me that “the animals were all up in the airplane.” I asked which animals. She said cows and kangaroos. I asked what they were doing up there. She said “eating” and there is a man who rides them. What an imagination! A few minutes later, Hannah came up and asked me if I could get the candle lighter for her. I asked why. She said to light the dead grasses they had picked because they wanted to make a campfire! After I said,”Absolutely not!” I asked her if she thought that that campfire thing was a good idea. She grinned as if to say, I knew but I thought I’d ask anyway!

On a more serious note, I am reading The Tanglewood Secret by Patricia St. John to the older girls before they go to bed.  It’s a very sweet but thought-provoking book with the gospel in it very clearly.  Hannah has read some of the others by the same author.  I remember reading them as a child and I am enjoying them again.  They are worth checking out . . .

Look for Peter’s Leicester CU report tomorrow.