Celebrations and Prayer Requests

Melanie —  June 16, 2013

Peter and I just got back today from a special weekend away.  Thanks to Peter’s mum and some good friends from church, we were able to get away to celebrate our 14th anniversary.  We went to a flat in Cheddar which a church owns and allows people in full-time ministry to use.  It was such a blessing to us to be able to get away for some rest!  We had a wonderful time together, reading, chatting, laughing, doing some Bible study, going out to eat and watching dvds.  It was great to just be on our own together and we didn’t even care that the weather was horrible.  It just made us stay inside and snuggle up together!  I am the most blessed wife in the world.  As great as our time together was, it was sweet to come home to the Meadlings.  I really missed them!

Last week was our anniversary and my birthday too.  Peter secretly emailed friends and family and asked them to send me birthday messages.  I was totally overwhelmed by MANY messages of love and encouragement.  He and the girls had printed them all out and pasted them onto cards for me.  Wow.  They will be a treasure to keep that will be a source of encouragement for years to come!  Thank you so much to everyone who sent me messages.  Each one meant so much to me.

Please pray for us as this is the last week of Cor Deo (full-time programme).  It is always hard, especially for Peter, to say goodbye to these guys who he has grown so close to.  Pray for an excellent last week of teaching and relationship building.  Also, please pray for me tomorrow (Monday) night as I host and lead the first in a four-week women’s Bible study series based on the book, A Deeper Kind of Calm, by Linda Dillow.  We will be focusing on Psalm 77 tomorrow night.  Quite a number of women are planning to come.  Please pray for me to lead well and for each woman to have her heart touched by God’s beautiful Word.

We would also value prayer for interactions with those we are trying to disciple/counsel.  We need God’s wisdom and long to see Him change hearts.  Also, we continue to be in the midst of a trying time on several levels that we can’t share openly.  Please pray for us to trust God and have his wisdom.  We know we are not walking this road alone and as you pray, you walk with us.  Thank you so much.