Melanie —  February 14, 2012

The past 2 weeks have been full of celebrations, starting with my Dad’s birthday, the day they arrived from America.  A few hours later, Kaylah was born!!  Lots of celebrating is still happening in this household and praising God for His gift of new life.  A few days later, we had a joint party for Aliyah, who celebrated her 9th birthday, and Mariah, who will turn 7 next Sunday.  Next we had a little celebration for Joel as he has finished his 100 Reading Lessons.  (It was a race to see if he would finish first or if the baby would come first . . . he did lesson 99 the day Kaylah was born! 🙂 )  And finally, we got to see Hannah and Aliyah baptized last Sunday!  We had a little gathering of family and friends at our house afterwards.  We praise God for the work He has done in saving them and look forward to what He will do in their lives in the future.

We are doing well here.  I am very tired but feeling stronger day by day and we have been blessed to have lots of help from family and friends, including some delicious meals from church family.  My mom went back to the USA on Monday and we miss her already.  She was  a fantastic help to us.  The older children, especially Hannah and Aliyah are also being a wonderful help and are changing, burping and cuddling Kaylah lots.  I am doing my best to rest as much as possible.

Here are a few photos for you to enjoy.  I am hurrying to post them because I need to go and feed my sweet baby.  She is having a bath upstairs, supervised by Daddy and Hannah and Aliyah.


How precious is this photo . . . I love this man and this little baby

Four beautiful Mead girls

Sleepy Daddy . . . He has been doing lots of night duty with Kaylah

Joel adores his baby sister and loves to hold her

Sweet sleep

My (Melanie's) parents with their newest grand-daughter

Happy Birthday Aliyah and Mariah! (The girls all decorated the cake as a garden scene with playmobil and put on 7 people representing the members of our family)

Yay! Joel finished his 100 Lessons!

Special pie, made by Grandma with "100" on it

What could be better in Hannah's world . . a book AND a baby sister to cuddle.

Another bookworm who loves Kaylah . . .


The children can't get enough cuddles

Kaylah having her first bath

Fascinated by the flowers . . .

Are those cheeks kissable or what?!

Hannah's baptism

Aliyah's baptism

The girls gave wonderful testimonies . . .we are so thankful as parents for the way God has worked in their hearts.

He who began a good work in you, will be faithful to complete it.

The seven Meads

Thank you for your prayers for us as we continue to adjust to having Kaylah in our family.