Birthday #3

Melanie —  March 13, 2009

Hannah’s 8th birthday has come and gone.  She had a great time.  Here are some pictures  . . .


We waited to celebrate Hannah’s birthday til Peter and Aliyah got back from Oregon.  Aliyah arrived home from her LONG flight with loads of energy.  Peter on the other hand, needed a nap.  Here are the kids trying to wake him.  Looks like they gave up!

web03mar09-005.jpg Hannah is usually full of dramatic flair . . . . It’s great to be eight!

web03mar09-026.jpg Happy birthday, Hannah!

web03mar09-031.jpg Hannah’s special birthday treat was to ride a horse.  This is nearby to our house in the beautiful Surrey Hills.

web03mar09-036.jpg She had a great time and progressed a little in her skills too.