Beautiful British Summer!

Peter —  August 12, 2008

It does get warm here, sometimes.  Right now it is pouring rain and will continue to do so until we leave the country on Friday.  This last weekend went well, although wet.  We had a day with my family in Bristol, then drove over to Chippenham where we spent the night in anticipation of Sunday.  We enjoy visiting the church there and it was a real joy to see them commend one of their own to go and work on the Logos Hope for two years.  We got home at about 11pm and slept well!  Now we have a couple of days to get ready before we cross the channel and head for France.  We’ll visit PlayMobil Land on Friday, sleep in a motel and then head for the Christian Workers Conference in the French Alps.  I believe we will have internet access there and so will be able to update the site. Just in case we don’t, here’s a synopsis – arrive on Saturday, enjoy fellowship and relaxation with about 150 other missionaries to Europe, Peter leads three workshops, we hit the road on Friday again and arrive at the OM conference on the Saturday, Peter speaks a few times, Melanie works in the creche, we come home on the 30th.