Back a Week

Peter —  September 13, 2012

We’ve been back a week.  Things are going pretty well.  Having said that, I am up at gone midnight with a discontented little girl. We can’t tell if it is still jetlag, teething, or something else.  She is waking every night and tonight she isn’t settling down again.  She was such a great sleeper until a few weeks ago.

The rest of the children are settled back and Melanie is ramping up to start the school year.  I have a fairly busy September.  I preached in Feltham on Saturday evening, twice at our church on Sunday, then led the first of two seminars in Guildford on Tuesday.  This Sunday we have the two services at our church, including a baby dedication for our friends’ firstborn.  Then on Tuesday I’ll be back to Guildford for the second seminar on Jonah.  Then we have the first ever Cor Deo Invitational next Thursday and Friday.  This is open only to those who’ve been through an Intensive one-week course, or the full-time course.  It should be great to see the 15 or so that are coming to that.

So, what to do for this little lady?  It would be great to go back to uninterrupted nights again 🙂