Anticipating a Reunion!

Melanie —  April 10, 2010

Peter texted me from Moscow to say he arrived there. His flight should be landing in London in just over 2 hrs. time! Thanks to everyone who has prayed for his safety. God has given me his peace throughout the past few days in a way I have not really experienced before.  I attribute that to so many people praying!  Thanks to everyone who texted, phoned and emailed and PRAYED, especially prayed the Scriptures for Peter.  Quite a few people let me know they were praying Psalm 91 for Peter . . . God’s word is powerful and so very precious.

The next post on here should be from Peter.  I’m sure he will have adventures to share and most importantly, how God worked in the lives of the people he was there to minister to.  Please keep praying for the situation in the country – for peace and for the God to bless his church with an explosion of growth through this difficult time in their nation.