A Weekend With Students

Peter —  November 3, 2008

It was a good weekend and I got home yesterday evening without any trouble.  The children were all excited to see me, which is always reassuring!  So you know you’re with students when discussion at the dinner table includes whether cheap cheddar cheese is better than cheap red leicester cheese.  You also know you’re with students when there is a real openness to learn, an appetite for the things of God and an enthusiasm for evangelism.  We spent the sessions together in Mark’s gospel – what a great book that is.  Going back to it again has left a mark on me, and I hope it will leave a deep mark on them as they look forward to their “mission week” of evangelism in February.  Please pray for the Christians on university campuses in this country – what a strategic opportunity they have!

Now it’s a few days at home before a brief visit to Glasgow next weekend.  Please pray for these days to be productive as we need to maintain the pace for a few more weeks yet.