A Preacher’s Retreat

Peter —  January 29, 2008

Trying something new this week.  Tomorrow I leave for a three day retreat with some friends.  They have both been on the preaching week I ran in Kent, where we became good friends.  We decided to take three days away to wrestle with some specific aspects of preaching and spur each other on in ways we couldn’t wth a beginner’s course.  A couple of others are unfortunately not able to join us, but it should be a good time together.  Please pray for us as we think through how to preach Proverbs, evaluate a preaching book that we’ve all read and invest in each other’s lives and ministries.  Along with the retreat and study times, there are also some strategic plans that we’d like to prayerfully think through together.  Please pray for these days to be highly strategic.  I preach Sunday morning in Carlisle and then return home Sunday evening.  Please also pray for Melanie and the children here.  Aunt Carol arrives on Friday, which should be a blessing to all.   Thanks!