A Great Weekend

Peter —  August 4, 2008

This weekend went really well.  I was speaking and leading the weekend at Otford Manor.  We had between 25 and 30 guests for the sessions on Better Bible Study.  The feedback was very positive and it seemed really clear that God was at work in some lives.  It is exciting to see people get excited about the Bible and the God of the Bible.  If you prayed for the weekend, thank you.  I was chatting to one lady who made the decision to come at 2pm on Friday, and was so blessed by how it had all worked out.  Tomorrow I have the last seminar at Guildford, then Sunday at a church in Chippenham, then just a few days before we leave for the two conferences in Europe.  Please pray for me as I prepare these things, and for the people who will be at each of them.