37 Weeks and Waiting

Melanie —  January 7, 2012

Note: photo taken at 35 weeks


Well, we are thanking God today because I am officially “full-term” (37 weeks pregnant) and so we are able to have a homebirth now if I go into labour.  We would love to have the baby at home if all goes as planned.  I had Joel at 37 weeks, Hannah at 38 weeks, and Aliyah and Mariah at 39 weeks . . . so we’ll see when this baby decides to arrive.  We have prayed for a slightly early birth all along, so as to give us some time before Cor Deo starts on the 24th but we are trusting God for the perfect timing.  Who knows, maybe I’ll go 42 weeks this time! 🙂  Please pray for us as we wait, especially for this pregnant mummy, to keep a thankful and persevering attitude.  I think any mum will tell you these last weeks of pregnancy are the most challenging . . . it’s easy to be grumpy and impatient and I don’t want to be that way.  We are all very excited to meet this baby.  Please pray that Peter and I will be really bonded together during labour and that we can be a testimony to the midwives through the way we conduct ourselves (ie with trust in God and not fear).

While we wait for the big event, there is schooling to work on, a household to run and ministry to be done.  Peter preaches twice tomorrow at our church . . . in the morning he will be speaking at a baptism and we expect many unbelievers to be there so please pray for soft and open hearts to God’s Word.  In the evening he’ll be starting a series from 2 Chronicles called “Devoted” that will stretch out over the next few weeks.  They should be posted on the website so if you are interested you can listen in.

Lastly, we had a lovely Christmas and I thought I’d share a few photos with you.

Making Christmas Cookies


Sharing a Christmas Eve Pandoro (Italian cake) with some friends


Opening stockings in our bed on Christmas morning


Mariah and Joel made Daddy some Manchester United rabbits out of hama beads


The Mead Men


Four little Meadlings . . . soon to be five


We spent Christmas evening with Grandpa and Grandma Mead.


Grandpa helped Joel put together a lego plane


We also got to visit with Peter's sister's family . . . here are the 6 cousins together.


Elizabeth and Rebecca made me a "nappy cake" with baby supplies!


Happy New Year from our house to yours! We appreciate each one of you and value your prayers over the next few weeks.