The Homefront – Tuesday

Melanie —  March 18, 2008

Peter called me this morning from the plane in Paris as he was waiting to take off for Nigeria. He said his first plane was delayed and he almost missed the next but thankfully, he just made it, albeit with a hungry stomach since he’d had no time to stop and get something to eat. Then I got a text tonight saying that he’d arrived in Nigeria. He’s staying in a Baptist mission tonight before heading to the camp tomorrow. On the homefront, I think I’ll be making a morning trip to the doctor tomorrow for Mariah (her problem will remain unnamed here!). I’m putting drops in Joel’s eyes multiple times a day for conjunctivitis (a recurrance from him having it a couple weeks ago) and Hannah has an earache tonight. She had a checkup scheduled with the ear specialist tomorrow afternoon anyway so we’ll see what he says. I also feel like I’m coming down with a sore throat. Hopefully Peter escaped without taking any germs with him. He really needs his throat over the next few days! I’d appreciate prayer for energy and lots of love and patience for the children. On another note, I heard today that you can’t travel with a passport that needs to be renewed in the next 6 months. I’ve heard conflicting things about this, so if anyone has any clear information, please let me know. Aliyah’s US passport expires 3 days shy of 6 months from our departure date to the US! I tried to get through to the embassy to make an appointment, but typically could not. I’ve sent them an email so hopefully they will get back to me soon. Both parents are supposed to appear at the embassy with the child for a passport renewal which could be tricky since Peter is out of the country quite a bit in the next weeks before we fly to the US. I think there is a way out of this but it requires more paperwork. Just when I thought I had enough details to deal with for our trip! No really, I am thankful to be in a country where, relatively speaking, beauracracy is not that horrible. I know God will work all the details out. Please pray for clear thinking and wise use of time. We fly four weeks from tomorrow.