Sad Day

Melanie —  February 18, 2011

A day or two after our rabbit, Dandy, had babies, we found 2 of them had not made it.  The other two seemed alright and seemed to be growing.  But this morning we discovered that they had also died.  Of course, we have had lots of tears and sadness from the children (I am sad too!).  It is hard to think that these sweet little creatures had such short lives.  It was very cold last night so we are wondering if they got too cold.  From some research we have done, it seems that baby rabbits die more often in winter.  So, we are having a sad sort of day, wishing things were different.  We’ll try re-breeding the mum in a few weeks probably.  We hope the better weather will help the next litter survive.  Experiences like this are part of life and as a family we get to share happy times as well as sad.  Tomorrow is Mariah’s birthday so hopefully that will be a more joyful day.