Wedding Photos

Melanie —  July 1, 2011

NOTE: This is the second post I’ve put on today.  So scroll down for another photo post from our boat trip.  I finally had time to work on photos so you get two posts for one check of the website today!

On the 25th of June, Peter’s cousin, Jenny got married in Buckinghamshire.  Mariah and Joel were blessed to be ask to be flowergirl and pageboy.  It was a lovely day and then we were able to spend the next day with Peter’s sister’s family at Legoland.  Here are a few photos from the weekend (well, OK, it’s more than a few but it was so hard to choose!).

All dressed up and ready to go. I like this one becaue Joel's smile is "him." For the rest of the day I think he was a bit tired and overwhelmed and had a hard time finding his smile.

Taken in Peter's aunt's back garden, before the car came to pick us up to go to the church.

I know my mommy heart is biased, but aren't they sweet? 🙂

Waiting for the special car to arrive to pick us up. Joel is saluting because he had soldiers and the royal wedding on his little mind all day long!

Our little princess . . .

. . .And our little soldier (Prince William's pageboys looked like soldiers, so Joel is a world away in his imagination!)

How special, to ride in an old car! Joel was incredibly impressed. 🙂

What an amazing experience . . . I think Joel was just in awe.

Meanwhile, the Little Princess was being carried to the ball!

We arrived at the church, just as Peter pulled up with Hannah and Aliyah. Perfect timing for a sibling photo.

Waiting for our turn to enter the church . . . let's try some more salutes!

Here they are processing in down the aisle (We were not allowed to take photos during the service but they sat like angels at the front with the bridesmaids.)

Hannah and Aliyah with their cousin, Rebecca.

After the service . . . watching the photographers setting up for the official photos

The whole Mead family

Three generations of Mead Men

The wedding guests were taken to the reception on a vintage double decker bus. Again, Mr. Joel was highly impressed with the chosen transporation.

Here are the older girls and their cousins, Rebecca and Daniel.

The Meadlings at the reception. It was beautiful, with lovely decorations and food and many special touches for the children - gifts and toys and even a sweet table!

Mariah was so sweet, chatting easily with virtual strangers and here she is spontaneously helping Jenny with her train. I am trying not to sound like a proud mummy but probably failing miserably!!

Giving out wedding favours to the guests

Legoland was fun, although it was extremely hot and crowded.

The highlight for the Meadlings was getting to be with their cousins.

All in all it was a great weekend.  In other news, we are officially finished with homeschooling now for the summer, so the children are enjoying the free and lazy days of summer.  There are two weeks left of Cor Deo now so pray for Peter and Ron and the guys to finish well.  These two weeks will be full for us.  Please pray for us as we finish pre-marital counseling with one couple, start it with another and continue informal interaction with a third.  We need God’s wisdom and strength.  Pray for our own marriage to be strong and healthy and for closeness to the Lord.  After Cor Deo is over, we have a week-long family holiday planned, which has been long-anticipated and we feel is much needed after a very intense 5 months of Cor Deo and other ministry.  Someone has blessed us with a beach holiday at Woolacoombe Bay in Devon and we are so grateful and excited.