Peter —  March 16, 2012

Today was the day to go into London for the schools version of the Classical Spectacular.  Melanie wisely decided to stay home and have a quiet day with Kaylah, so I took the other four, plus Ron and off we went.  The Royal Albert Hall is quite the venue, and the energy was insane in there today.  5000 children oo-ing, ah-ing and especially screaming makes for quite the atmosphere.  We had great seats in the upper circle, front row (high ratio of adults to children means home educators actually get the best seats!)

So with lasers and dancers and Welsh Guards Band and Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and a tenor with the coolest name (Jesus Lion, but Spanish) and muskets and cannons…it was rocking.  Joel held his hands over his ears for most of the concert as the screaming children were almost too much for him, but despite his fears of the cannons in the 1812, he has talked about that bit all day.  “Dad, who was the other country in that war again?”

Ron enjoyed the Stars and Stripes Forever, I was a bit partial to Land of Hope and Glory and the 1812, so both sides of the special transatlantic connection were honoured (honored).  We got home in time for a special meal Melanie had prepared and now I’m waiting for Kaylah to finish her final meal before we can all be collapsed into bed.

It’s a busy weekend though and I’d really value your prayer.  I am preaching from Galatians 5:1-15 on Sunday morning and have been very much enjoying that text these last days.  Then on Monday I am off with the UCCF SouthEast staff team for a day.