One Family; Three Locations

Peter —  February 18, 2010

3 – will be staying at home.  Melanie and the youngest two will have a few days of special time together.  Hopefully this can be somewhat relaxed, although Melanie may be looking around and wondering where all her helpers have gone!

2 – will be going to visit Grandma and Grandpa in Bristol.  Hannah and Aliyah will have a few days to ply my parents with questions about history (Hannah’s favourite subject), although the history they remember doesn’t quite reach back to the Tudors (her favourite part of British history, currently).  My parents came last night and will drop me at the airport before heading on home with the little ladies.

1 – will be going home, in a manner of speaking.  I fly this afternoon to Portland, via somewhere else, and then have a day to recover before the men’s retreat at our church, starting on Friday evening.  Another couple of sessions on Sunday, followed by the Sunday morning service.  Then I have three days to connect with folks there before flying back to arrive on Thursday for a family reunion!

We really appreciate your prayer, especially during a week like this one.