Note to Self: Don’t Forget This Scene

Melanie —  July 11, 2009

It’s been a relatively peaceful Saturday morning.  The children have been playing on their own happily, so I got to clean up the kitchen, make a new recipe I have been wanting to try (carrot salad) and take a long shower.  Nice.  I just peeked into the living room to see what they were up to (when they are happy on their own it’s always a risk to show my face in case they decide they suddenly need me desperately!).  They make me smile so much . . . so often I say to myself, I never want to forget how cute they are!  They are all dressed up – Aliyah and Mariah in fancy dresses, Joel in his little suit (he says he’s “suit boy”) and they are “on a plane,” well, really spread out on the living room floor, Joel strapped into a carseat, girls sitting on cushions, each holding a small box with a stuffed dog in it.  Aliyah’s is named Lady, Joel’s is named Rusty and Mariah’s is Fruit-o.  They have a “shoe rack” and a pile of pillows for “in case we need to sleep.”  All this is happening with Bach playing peacefully in the background! (They put on the cd!)  OK, silly me, I’m off to take a picture so I really won’t forget!!


I just took the picture and got some more information from them . . . they are on their way back from China where they adopted a little baby (thus, the doll in the photo) named Butterfly!  Now they are on their way back to America. 🙂

P.S. Small miracle that I put put the photo on this post!  It’s a little small but you can click to make it bigger.