More sickness

Melanie —  December 16, 2008

Peter and I were up a good portion of the night last night with Joel, who vomited about six times, plus had diarrhea.  I decided since this has been going on for over 3 weeks, that it was time to call the doctor, since doctors actually can help to treat diseases as this or even help with cosmetic issues as the doctors in Cleveland, OH.  He said it sounds like we have the Norovirus which is not serious, but is very infectious.  It seems that we are re-infecting each other?  I have done some major disinfecting today and plan on doing some more, plus have been working on washing sheets (not to mention washing kids!).  Please pray for complete healing.  We keep thinking we are better and someone gets sick again.  All of us have had it at least twice (except for Peter who has completely escaped it so far.)  I have to say, my spirits have ranged from totally discouraged to fairly content during the day today.  The girls and I talked over lunch about all the things we have to be thankful for at the moment.  There were alot!  We’ve had to not go to homeschool club today and will miss a Christmas housegroup event tonight.  And we’ll have to forego the Open House Christmas party tomorrow.  Pray for good attitudes for all of us (the kids are disappointed, naturally).  And please pray for the Open House party.  We are giving out some evangelistic books to the mums which answer common questions people have about God.  Pray for fruit!  We hope we’ll all be well by the weekend.  The girls are part of the homsechool club Christmas event on Saturday and then the Sunday School Christmas play is on Sunday.  (Hannah has quite a major role.)  Thanks for lifting us up.  In spite of everything, we have been enjoying the Christmas season!