Logos Hope

Peter —  July 14, 2009

I got back yesterday after a great time onboard the Logos Hope in Cork, Ireland.  OM Ireland’s summer outreach – Impact Ireland – had their orientation onboard.  I was able to give five Bible studies on the cross and it seemed to go really well.  It was such a blessing to be asked to speak about a subject so central and vital as “Back to the Cross.”  We were able to spend time in various Bible books, but always seeing the importance of the cross to our salvation, our message and also our daily life.  The various teams headed out over Ireland during the weekend.  The last team to leave was the “Cross Team” – five hardy souls who are carrying a twelve-foot cross 150 miles across Ireland, sharing the message of hope as they go.  Please pray for this team and all the teams to see God at work in Ireland in the coming days.  Over the weekend I was able to speak to the ship’s company, which also went well.  I’m thankful for the privilege of investing in the community onboard and am looking forward to future visits.  The Logos Hope is an amazing tool and it will be exciting to see the ministry of the ship develop in the years ahead.  Today the ship is sailing to St Vincent – 14 days across the Atlantic.  Please pray for them to have a safe voyage and then a very effective season of ministry in the Caribbean.

It’s been a good week, but it’s great to be home with the little Meads.  Now for a day off to enjoy them.