Peter —  July 9, 2008

It’s four in the morning, good jet-lag time!  So I’m up and am hoping everyone else will either sleep more or go back to sleep.  We arrived home safely at 3:30pm yesterday.  The journey went very well.  We were sad to leave Melanie’s sister and family at the house, then Mom and Dad at the airport.  We were able to check-in without any drama, even discovering that Joel was entitled to check a bag (meaning we didn’t have to pay for the extra one we’d packed!)  The first flight to Denver was short and sweet (2.5 hours), with Joel sleeping on me for most of it.  Then we had three hours in Denver airport, before flying 8.5 hours to London.  This flight wasn’t perfect, but it could have been much worse.  Every child cried at some point, but they all slept too.  I had Joel the whole flight (fitful sleep with crying in between, but we made it).  Melanie had Mariah next to her and on her the whole flight (some crying but sleep too).  These long flights are all about patience.  Patience with children understandably distressed.  Patience with passengers that put their seat back at the earliest opportunity.  Patience with being 6’3+ and not fitting once that seat back is back.  Patience with passengers who go to sleep with their light on so the baby in the row behind can’t sleep properly.  Patience with cabin crew that never respond to the call button.  Patience, and character building.  Melanie was composing in her mind the analogy between long-haul flights with children and giving birth.  I’ll let her explain that if she wants.  But all in all, it could have been much worse and we are really thankful.  We arrived in London, all our bags and car-seats safely on the carousel, then a Polish porter helped bring them out to our waiting friends.  It’s sad to leave friends and family, but great to come back to friends too.  We all crashed by about 7pm, and children have woken periodically since about 11pm!  So that’s it, another transatlantic journey behind us!