Home Again

Peter —  August 22, 2010

We made it home, despite a couple of small dramas en route.  It was a great week in France enjoyed by all.  It wasn’t a week in the pool (as previous years), but despite the weather we all enjoyed the fellowship with other workers and the times together.  John Lennox was speaking and gave a lot (he needs to sleep now, I’m sure!)

We drove up to Calais on Friday, had dinner with my sister and family (on holiday near there).  We planned to spend Saturday with them until our afternoon ferry, but Daniel wasn’t well so they had to cancel.  So we headed for the ferry early, managed to get one three hours earlier and headed to Caterham to pick up some books from a friend.  The car was developing a rattle, so I called a good friend who had a look and a listen.  Apparently the front of the prop shaft/pulley system has come loose.  He checked the internal workings and we decided it was probably ok to press on and come home.  We made it ok.  Now to find a trustworthy mechanic in this new area!

And . . . today we finally get a full Sunday at Ladyfield!