From Creation Museum to Cuisine Nauseum

Peter —  May 23, 2010

It’s a bit hard to rhyme with Creation Museum, but it’s as close as I can get.  We arrived in Oregon on Thursday after two good flights.  It’s great to be with Melanie’s parents and to go to our home church today.  This evening we went over to her sister and family’s.  The children love playing together and they’d cooked a great meal . . . but we’ll probably remember this visit for adding another chapter in the annals of the Mead/Hickman stomach flu chronicles.  I won’t bore you with our previous history, but tonight Hannah and Joel were both very unhappy (that’s both an accurate statement and a euphemism for something more tangible).  We would really appreciate your prayer for them to both sleep and somehow for the rest of us not to get it, or to show the fruit of the spirit if we do get it (we’re trying to teach them about handling these minor sicknesses by faith, but hopefully we won’t need to be examples for them).  Thanks for praying, we better try to sleep while we can.