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Poland and Pox

Peter —  May 29, 2017

Last Thursday I got back from Poland (report coming below).  It was a great time and it was also encouraging to get home and find out that our dentist said Jessah’s teeth do not need to be removed at this time.  He is also confident that her adult teeth should not have been damaged – we are thankful!

This morning we discovered that several of our children have chickenpox.  This is also good news.  We have been trying to get it for years and have finally succeeded.  Nobody is particularly comfortable or happy, but we are trying to care for each other and make it an adventure.

Over 700 participants enjoying John Lennox’s Bible teaching…

So, how was Poland?  I would say it was probably the best European Leadership Forum I have experienced as far as ministry goes.  I have been able to attend the forum eight times, and the last five times I have been leading the Bible Teachers and Preachers Networks.

Every participant in the Forum comes as a guest of one of the 28 networks that run every morning.  Participants from Eastern Europe get a hefty scholarship to make their attendance possible.  My colleague Huw led the foundational network and I focused my energies on the advanced network.  It was the best year yet in lots of ways.  We were so encouraged by the feedback from this year and previous years.

Honestly the only discouragement was the number of people who wanted to be in the network but could not because of a lack of scholarships (if you know a church or wealthy individual who might like to help with this specific project enabling Eastern Europeans to attend this network and the Forum, please put them in touch with me).

The translated food descriptions offer amusement every year (the food is good though!)

As well as the networks the week also involved so much more.  There were the final sessions with last year’s year round mentoring group, followed by the first sessions with the new group for this coming year.  I was able to interview John Lennox again, I gave two workshops which were well attended, and recorded several video interviews which will become available in the coming months.

There were good meals with friends and contacts from across Europe – it is a wonderful event for seeing old friends and making new ones.  I was able to grab some time with the group of Cor Deo guys that went over together (graduates from years 2011, 2013, 2015), and also was able to watch a football match on the final evening before returning home.  What was the highlight of the week?  Honestly I think we would all say it was our friend Mike Reeves on Justification … if you look that up online you will find him speaking on the subject somewhere!

Thank you for praying for us in Poland, and for praying for Melanie and the children at home.  It was a great week and we thank God for the privilege.  Right now thanks for praying for us to have the strength we need to care for the chickenpox clan!

Oregon Trip

Peter —  October 15, 2016

I (Peter) had a great trip to Portland and Sunriver with my colleague, Mike.  We went primarily to run a Cor Deo Intensive, as well as a one-day seminar, and for me to preach in two churches.  We also thoroughly enjoyed hanging out as I showed Mike my old neighbourhood (it still feels like I’m going home, even though I was the foreigner who married the local!)  We stayed with Melanie’s sister and family, which was great.  We also enjoyed a few chances to eat at some old favourites places, such as the Mongolian Grill I used to eat at fairly regularly when I was living and working in the area (I can’t believe the same guy is still working the grill after all these years!)

The Intensive went extremely well.  We had a full house with 20 of us present, made up mostly of folks from Westside Bible Fellowship (our sending church).  We so appreciated the tone in the room, the eagerness to learn, the openness for God’s Word to challenge, etc.  This was the second Intensive that Mike and I have led together and again it was a very enjoyable few days.

We then had a day to travel down to Central Oregon where we enjoyed a one-day seminar at Community Bible Church in Sunriver on the Saturday, and then being with the church on Sunday morning.  We headed back up to Portland only to discover our flight had been cancelled and we had been rebooked on a flight through Chicago.  This meant two “red-eye” flights on consecutive nights as we flew overnight to Chicago, and then overnight to London.  Thankfully we were able to get a few hours of sleep at the house of some kind friends in Chicago, plus a bonus meal in America, before we got home tired but safe at 7:30 on Tuesday morning.

Thanks for your prayers for this trip – it really was one answered prayer after another, and we thank God for the blessing of this trip.  Now if only I could sleep at the right time!  (Actually it is quite a busy season here at home with visits to Guildford and Union School of Theology, as well as preaching at Trinity Chippenham on Sundays, etc.)

Here are a couple of pictures you might enjoy:


When we arrived in Portland we took a little driving tour and saw places like Multnomah, where I studied until 2004.


Even in October we got to enjoy some stunning weather as we drove down to Central OR

Even in October we got to enjoy some stunning weather as we drove down to Central OR


After the one-day seminar in Sunriver we drove out past Mt Batchelor for views like this (is this South Sister, or Broken Top? Not sure!)

After the one-day seminar in Sunriver we drove out past Mt Batchelor for views like this (is this South Sister, or Broken Top? Not sure!)


An 11-hour layover in Chicago meant sleep and an opportunity to enjoy the famous Chicago style pizza - a bonus US meal!

An 11-hour layover in Chicago meant sleep and an opportunity to enjoy the famous Chicago style pizza – a bonus US meal!


What’s New?

Peter —  April 21, 2016

It’s been a little while since we posted on here.  Let me just share a couple of highlights from the past couple of weeks.  Last Saturday I was genuinely surprised by Melanie, the whole church and lots of family and friends who managed to surprise me three days after my 40th birthday. It was really fun to be altogether, and slightly embarrassing to miss all the clues they were sure I would catch!  In a couple of weeks I will get to enjoy my birthday gift . . . but more about that once it happens.

Church is going well. We had a newcomer’s lunch on Sunday. It is encouraging to see new folks joining the church. We are very aware of our need of strength to do all that needs to be done.  We are two weeks into a series in the book of James. I have preached James before, but never in a series.  If you want to hear the messages, you can find them on – last Sunday we had the fire alarm go off several minutes into the sermon.  Just as I said “fire insurance” the alarm sounded – perfect timing!  It was just a test, so we were able to carry on.

On Monday, and the one before, I was over in Bridgend teaching a preaching course at Union School of Theology. I will be over there again next week recording video lectures that will be used in the Union hubs all around the world.  Union is an exciting development and I am happy to be teaching the preaching courses both on the campus and in the learning hubs via video.

One other ministry related item – I recently sent off the first draft of the book that is the sequel to Pleased to Dwell.  Hopefully it will be released in November, but more info when I have it.

Family wise we are doing relatively well.  We’ve had a little bit of sickness that has made sleep slightly more challenging than we like.  But generally things are going well and the children are enjoying the days of nicer weather as we head into spring.

Thanks for praying for us, and hopefully we will get some pictures on here soon.