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Hannah’s Story & Prayer Letter

Peter —  February 3, 2018

Hannah recently won a short story competition with the Evangelical Alliance.  Her story, “Resurrection of Hope” is in the EA magazine and also you can read it here.

She has also just written a prayer letter in anticipation of going on another missions trip in March – if you’d like to read her letter, click here and it should take you to it.  But do let us know by email or by commenting on this post so that Hannah can know you have read it!



Peter —  December 8, 2017

Here are the preachers that I got to spend time with!

This week I had the privilege of a quick trip to Barcelona in Spain.  My colleague, Mike, and I, hit the road at 3am on Monday to travel to Barcelona.  We arrived before lunch, which was when our first segment of the visit began.  Mike was participating in a two-day training session to learn how to lead the Bible Teachers Networks more effectively at the European Leadership Forum.  At the same time, I was leading a two-day training session with seven preachers from Poland, Albania, Ukraine, Hungary, and Ireland. (Several were unable to make it to Barcelona and so the group was smaller than it could have been.)

We had a great two days together.  I was able to give instruction on subjects that are harder to convey in our regular webinar format, and they were each able to preach a sermon and receive feedback.  We all felt ministered to by God’s Word.  Speaking of which, I was also responsible for leading morning devotions for the whole gathering (about 80 people) on each of the three mornings we were there.  While our little group were squeezed into a hotel bedroom that had been converted for our course, it was so good to get out and enjoy the beautiful beach (even if the temperature was really cold!)

With Juli and Zef in the Camp Nou!

On the second evening I was able to go with two of the guys to watch Barcelona play a Champions League match.  It was a great experience to be there and to see one of the greatest players of all time, Lionel Messi, up close.  We think the club gave us much better tickets than we paid for because we bought tickets that were very high up at the back of the stadium, but instead found ourselves two rows from the pitch!

After the 48-hours with my group of preachers, Mike and I were then together with a group of network and national leaders for a 24-hour learning community where we sought to make plans for the forthcoming European Leadership Forum.  Again, it was a good time.  Mike and I made it home safely on Thursday evening at 11pm.  Thanks so much for praying for us and please do pray for the men in my preaching group this year – each one is serving faithfully in often challenging circumstances!

A beautiful setting for ministry in December!

Lionel Messi breaking through for a shot on goal (saved!)

I was not successful at being in this group- selfie!

Long Overdue Update!

Peter —  October 2, 2017

Well it has been a busy summer, but that is no excuse for not updating this site since July!  The summer has flown by and it looks like the good weather is probably done for the year.  Homeschool is back in full swing.  Actually, we started in mid-August because we want to finish the school year early next summer before a family trip back to the USA!

Seventy of us gathered in the dining room at the weekend away!

This weekend we had a great time at our church weekend away.  It was our fourth and best.  Two or three families couldn’t make it, but the majority of the church were present and the venue was bursting at the seams.  It was such a great atmosphere.  Honestly it felt not only fuller than previously, but the group of people as a whole just somehow felt more mature and together than in the past.  It is a real privilege to be part of Trinity Chippenham.  The older girls were sharing with other teen girls, Melanie stayed at home overnight with Jessah and then joined us during the days.  I (Peter) shared with Kaylah, Joel, and a good friend with his daughter and son.  It was so cute to see the little ones playing together, and praying together at night.

Sunday morning Kaylah and her friend Lumiana told me that Kaylah had cried on Saturday evening while I was watching the movie with everyone else.  Kaylah told me, “we almost came outside in the rain to get you, but then we prayed together and I was alright.”  So cute.

Today I am going over to Bristol to cover for a good friend who is launching a new Union School of Theology hub there.  While I am not officially involved in this learning hub, I am happy to help, not least because two friends from Trinity Chippenham are studying in it.  I lecture at Union and was on campus for a day of teaching last week, so it is great to see this ministry spreading and growing.

This coming weekend I will be up in Wrexham speaking at the North Wales Men’s Convention.  I’d appreciate prayer for that as I will be speaking twice to the whole group.  Then it is back to Chippenham so that I can continue our Reformation 500 series at Trinity on Sunday.

Kaylah with her friends enjoying a hot chocolate by the camp fire

A successful family-friendly praise and prayer session at the Trinity Chippenham weekend away!