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Emerging from Lockdown

Peter —  August 12, 2020

It has been a few weeks since we posted any sort of update on here.  In these weeks the UK has emerged from lockdown in some respects and we certainly feel more free than we did a while back.  To start with we were able to be outdoors for more time each day, and then more shops opened.  The first enjoyable step was probably being able to meet in groups of six for Life Group – thankfully the weather has been mostly perfect for the past months so this has worked out well for us (actually even the torrential rain week was fun!)

Our church has not been able to meet in our normal venue as the school is not renting facilities yet.  But for the past three weeks we have met at a village hall.  Sadly we are restricted to 30 people, socially distanced, with no singing, and now also with face masks.  Hopefully the singing rule will change soon because that really is a central part of church experience for people.  It has been nice to be meeting up, even if over half of the church still has to join online each week.

Please pray for us to figure out how to do church in the changing circumstances, but also how to do outreach and how to be a welcoming community when our numbers are limited and people have to sign up in advance to attend.  We are also aware that another lockdown may come in the next months, which would be disappointing.  At least we know how to do church online now – back in March we had to figure it out before the next Sunday arrived!

Speaking of adjustments, Peter has been doing a lot of work to launch Cor Deo Online which has gone really well so far.  The online gatherings have seen groups of roughly 20-40 people joining each week.  To access the online gatherings or the recordings you would need to sign up to the Cor Deo mailing list (click here to do that), or you can click below to see some of the public content that is now online from Cor Deo Online!

One Benefit of Lockdown

Peter —  June 10, 2020

A huge benefit of lockdown has been time together as a family.  This last weekend the girls led the worship music segment of our church service.  For at least the next 10 days you can see the video here

Another benefit has been the space in the schedule to learn new skills and develop plans for Cor Deo Online … since we probably won’t be able to do an in-person Intensive for many months, we have decided to start offering Cor Deo refresher content online.

1. There will be more videos going up on the Cor Deo YouTube channel (click here to go there and please do subscribe to the channel, click the notification bell, like and comment freely, etc – it all helps!)

2. There will be online gatherings to either attend or access online via the Cor Deo update emails.  If you don’t receive updates from Cor Deo, you can click here to subscribe to the updates and receive your invitation to access this second level of content.

Please pray for this addition to the ministry of Cor Deo to progress well!

During the lockdown I have been uploading brief Bible reading highlight videos.  The latest set was a Journey Thru John – one highlight per chapter.  This set will be complete in the next couple of days.  Here is the playlist in case you’d like to check them out:

A Changing World

Peter —  March 23, 2020

We are all experiencing a lot of change with the COVID-19 crisis sweeping across the world.  Last week we were pleased to be able to get Aliyah safely back from Oregon a week before her trip to the USA was scheduled to end.  She was visiting two universities and was glad to get a brief visit to Corban University where she was able to see Hannah.  Sadly her trip to Chicago and Moody Bible Institute was not possible. It was very disappointing for her but she’s had a great attitude about it all. Hannah is still in Oregon, preparing to do her last four weeks of classes online. At the moment, her campus is still open which means she can continue her paid job, but this might all change. Of course, her planned return to the UK in early May is completely up in the air at this point.

As I write this we as a nation (and as a family) are officially “social distancing” but expecting freedoms to be tightened more, even today.  Yesterday our church was totally online, which made for a very busy day behind the scenes, but so worthwhile as we are already missing the in-person connection and community that church is for us.

With lots of non-Trinity Chippenham meetings cancelled for me, I have decided to offer some brief, no-frills, Bible reading highlights on Youtube.  I started with Pursuing God “Alone” Together last week.  As with all content on Youtube, you can subscribe, like, share with others, etc.  I hope these little videos will be helpful.

These are really uncertain days for everyone.  Our hearts go out to places like Italy and Spain, where the situation seems so overwhelming.  At the same time there is an eerie sense of anticipation that we will be facing the same kind of situation soon here.  Our prayer is that God’s people would be beacons of practical love and help, as well as sharing hope for this life and beyond it to a world that is suddenly shaken so deeply.  Please pray for us here in Chippenham, and let us know how we can be praying for you in your situation too.  We will share a more family-oriented update soon as well as some tips for those now thrust into homeschooling.